I’ve lived in Oregon for almost twenty years and I’ve been a photographer, for most of my life and I love making beautiful images. Whether it’s working diligently in a studio with lights and reflectors, trying to get just the right shot, hiking in the Pacific Northwest to get the perfect waterfall shot, or just grabbing my old 35mm SLR and walking the streets of Portland, I’m happiest with camera in my hand.

Film and Digital Services

Photographic services based in Portland, Oregon with location services available nationwide. If you need a quick, clean turn around, digital services are recommended, but if you want to print large format, or you just want the look that only comes from emulsion and silver exposed to light, traditional film is still the way to go. Digital, 35mm, medium, and large format film, and professional lighting services offered. Contact info@derekboydphotography.com for a free consultation and estimate.